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# Complete 911 Timeline

Open-Content investigative project managed by Paul Thompson

This is the home page for the _Complete 911 Timeline_ investigative project, one of [several grassroots investigations][13] being hosted by the Cooperative Research website. The data published as part of this investigation has been collected, organized, and published by members of the public who are registered users of this website.

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## Categories

[Before 9/11][19]

[Soviet-Afghan War (24)][20] [ Al-Qaeda in Balkans (38)][21] [ Warning Signs (302)][22] [ Insider Trading/ Foreknowledge (39)][23] [ Counterterrorism Before 9/11 (279)][24] [ Hunt for Bin Laden (98)][25] [ Military Exercises (55)][26] [ Pipeline Politics (57)][27]

[ Warning Signs: Specific Cases][28]

[1993 WTC Bombing (22)][29] [ Bojinka Plot (25)][30] [ 1998 US Embassy Bombings (54)][31] [ 2000 USS Cole Bombing (26)][32] [ Foreign Intelligence Warnings (29)][33]

[ Projects and Programs][34]

[Al-Qaeda Malaysia Summit (72)][35] [ Able Danger (59)][36] [ Sibel Edmonds (45)][37] [ Phoenix Memo (21)][38] [ Randy Glass/ Diamondback (7)][39] [ Robert Wright and Vulgar Betrayal (64)][40] [ Remote Surveillance (61)][41] [ Yemen Hub (22)][42]

[ The Alleged 9/11 Hijackers][43]

[Alhazmi and Almihdhar (116)][44] [ Marwan Alshehhi (76)][45] [ Mohamed Atta (124)][46] [ Hani Hanjour (40)][47] [ Ziad Jarrah (22)][48] [ Other 9/11 Hijackers (72)][49]

[ Other Al-Qaeda Operatives][50]

[Al-Qaeda in Germany (58)][51] [ Ali Mohamed (52)][52] [ Ayman Al-Zawahiri (24)][53] [ Khalid Shaikh Mohammed (46)][54] [ Mamoun Darkazanli (16)][55] [ Nabil Al-Marabh (33)][56] [ Osama Bin Laden (41)][57] [ Zacarias Moussaoui (80)][58]

[ Geopolitics and 9/11][59]

[Iraq (49)][60] [ Israel (36)][61] [ Pakistani ISI (170)][62] [ Saudi Arabia (141)][63] [ Terrorism Financing (152)][64] [ US Dominance (50)][65]

[ Terrorism Financing: A More Detailed Look][66]

[Al Taqwa Bank (20)][67] [ Bin Laden Family (44)][68] [ BMI and Ptech (19)][69] [ Drugs (47)][70]

[ The ISI: A More Detailed Look][71]

[Saeed Sheikh (42)][72] [ Mahmood Ahmed (17)][73]

[Day of 9/11][74]

[All Day of 9/11 Events (487)][75] [Flight AA 11 (74)][76] [ Flight UA 175 (55)][77] [Flight AA 77 (79)][78] [Flight UA 93 (124)][79] [George Bush (67)][80] [ Dick Cheney (24)][81] [ Richard Clarke (22)][82] [ Donald Rumsfeld (26)][83]

[ The Post-9/11 World][84]

[Afghanistan (132)][85] [ Escape From Afghanistan (51)][86] [ Civil Liberties (55)][87] [ Media (36)][88] [ 9/11 Denials (23)][89] [ 9/11 Investigations (275)][90] [ War on Terrorism (69)][91] [ Other events (62)][92]

[ Investigations: A Detailed Look][93]

[9/11 Commission (61)][94] [ 9/11 Congressional Inquiry (27)][95] [ FBI 9/11 Investigation (24)][96] [ WTC Investigation (65)][97]


[1979-Dec. 2000][98] [ 2001-9/11][99] [ The day of 9/11][100] [ 9/11-Dec.2001][101] [ 2002-Present][102]


[Alhazmi and Almihdhar: The 9/11 Hijackers Who Should Have Been Caught][103] [An Interesting Day: President Bush's Movements and Actions on 9/11][104] [Is There More to the Capture of Khalid Shaikh Mohammed Than Meets the Eye?][105] [Katrina Timeline - First installment][106] [Sept. 11's Smoking Gun: The Many Faces of Saeed Sheikh][107] [The Failure to Defend the Skies on 9/11][108] [The Two Ziad Jarrahs][109]


[Interview with Paul Thompson on Fox News Affilliate][110] [Randy Glass Video][111]

Miscellanous Pages

[Correction to timeline entries containing erroneous information about Khalid bin Mahfouz][112] [Correction to timeline entries containing erroneous information about Mohammed Hussein Al Amoudi][113] [Help Needed][114] [Links][115] [Tracking the Terror][116]

## Recently Added Events

[![RSS Feed][117]][118]

  * [ 1/17 - Minneapolis Chief Calls FBI Headquarters to Discuss Moussaoui, August 27, 2001][119], posted by KJF
  * [ 1/17 - Minneapolis Agent Warns Superiors of Moussaoui Seventy Times, Obstructed by Headquarters, August 15-September 10, 2001][120], posted by KJF
  * [ 1/17 - Moussaoui and Hijackers Engage in Parallel Conduct, February 23-August 16, 2001][121], posted by KJF
  * [ 1/15 - FBI Headquarters Blocks Criminal Investigation into Moussaoui, August 21, 2001][122], posted by KJF
  * [1/15 - Minneapolis Memo to FAA Warning of Moussaoui Is Blocked by FBI Headquarters, August 29-September 4, 2001][123], posted by KJF

[ More][124]

## Timeline entries sorted by the month they were published

-- select a period -- January 2007 (68) December 2006 (142) November 2006 (266) October 2006 (724) September 2006 (203) August 2006 (57) July 2006 (1) June 2006 (1) March 2006 (9) February 2006 (478) December 2005 (3) October 2005 (86) July 2005 (29) June 2005 (134) May 2005 (133) March 2005 (2) December 2004 (2) September 2004 (10) August 2004 (1) July 2004 (178) June 2004 (81) May 2004 (23) April 2004 (106) July 2003 (2) April 2003 (1092) February 2003 (1)

## What's New?

[![RSS Feed][125]][126]

## New documentary on 9/11

[![][127]][128]In [9/11 Press for Truth][128], five of the most prominent members of the Family Steering Committee tell their story for the first time, providing the most powerful argument yet for why 9/11 still needs to be investigated. The documentary is based in part on Paul Thompson's Complete 9/11 Timeline.  
[View Trailer][128]  
[Purchase DVD][129]


## 9/14/2006 9/11 Press for Truth to Play at Grand Lake Theater for One Week

_[9/11: Press for Truth][130]_ will be shown at Grand Lake Theater in Oakland, California at 5pm, 7pm, and 9pm every day from Friday the 15th to Thursday the 21st, except for Sunday which will only have a 5pm and 9pm showing. For details, go [here][131]


## 8/28/2006 Paul Thompson on Randi Rhodes Show

9/11 Timeline creator Paul Thompson appeared on the Randi Rhodes Show on the Air America radio network twice in August 2006.

The first appearance was on August 2 and mainly covered new revelations about the US military's response on 9/11. Click to listen [ here][132].

Prior to the second appearance on August 14, Randi got an early look of the documentary 9/11: Press for Truth. She called it "phenomenal." The second interview mostly discusses this documentary. Click to listen [here][133].


## 3/27/2006 Major overhaul to 911 timeline

This new update is easily the biggest update the Cooperative Research website update has ever had. The 9/11 Timeline alone has over 300 new entries and 200 significantly updated entries. While it may seem like there hasn't been that much new 9/11-related research in the last year on the Internet, in fact there is much, much more that remains to be discovered simply by looking closely at media reports. [more][134]


## 10/16/2005 

Paul Thompson and Matthew Everett have added about 80 entries to the 911 timeline project. About [ half of these address Able Danger][135], a classified DoD program that collected information about al-Qaeda networks beginning in 1999. The [ other half][136] includes material on a variety of other topics.


## 7/23/2005 

Contributors Paul Thompson and Matt Everett have compiled several new timeline entries dealing with military exercises and other similar US military training programs that relate, or potentially relate, to the 9/11 attacks. These new timeline entries have been included in a new '[military exercises][137]' category. We have also mapped the relationships between the events in the 911 timeline and the entities that are associated with those events. Now, by clicking the name of an entity mentioned in a timeline entry, you can view a chronology of all events in which that entity was an active participant.


## 7/15/2005 

Paul Thompson will be interviewed on Air America's Morning Sedition on Wednesday, July 20, and the Rhandi Rhodes show on Friday, July 22.


## 3/12/2005 

Paul Thompson speaking on the subject of Pakistan and the September 11 attacks at the [LA Citizens' 9-11 Grand Jury in October 2004][138]


## 3/12/2005 

[Article][116] in New Zealand _Sunday Star Times_ on Paul Thompson.


## 1/25/2005 

David Ray Griffin's new book, _The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions,_ provides excellent analysis of the commission's report, clearly demonstrating that the commission's account of 9/11 was written to clear the Pentagon, White House and Justice Department of any wrongdoing.

[ => Purchase Now][139]


## 1/1/2005 

[ _The Terror Timeline_][140] by Paul Thompson

[ => Purchase Now][140]

## Recently Added Events

[![RSS Feed][117]][118]

Showing 1-20 of 100 recently added events:    [next 20][141]

  * [ 1/17 - Minneapolis Chief Calls FBI Headquarters to Discuss Moussaoui, August 27, 2001][119], posted by KJF
  * [ 1/17 - Minneapolis Agent Warns Superiors of Moussaoui Seventy Times, Obstructed by Headquarters, August 15-September 10, 2001][120], posted by KJF
  * [ 1/17 - Moussaoui and Hijackers Engage in Parallel Conduct, February 23-August 16, 2001][121], posted by KJF
  * [ 1/15 - FBI Headquarters Blocks Criminal Investigation into Moussaoui, August 21, 2001][122], posted by KJF
  * [1/15 - Minneapolis Memo to FAA Warning of Moussaoui Is Blocked by FBI Headquarters, August 29-September 4, 2001][123], posted by KJF
  * [ 1/15 - FBI Headquarters Rejects Plan to Place Undercover Officer in Moussaoui's Cell, August 29, 2001 and shortly after][142], posted by KJF
  * [1/15 - In Phone Call Recorded by FBI, Imam Says Moussaoui Wants to 'Go on Jihad', August 17, 2001][143], posted by KJF
  * [ 1/15 - FBI Headquarters Not Concerned about Imam's Reference to Moussaoui and Jihad, August 29, 2001][144], posted by Derek
  * [1/13 - Moussaoui Associate Bailed Out of Custody by Subject of Counterterrorism Investigation, August 20, 2001][145], posted by KJF
  * [ 1/13 - Atta, Alhazmi, and Moussaoui Purchase Equipment from Same Pilot Store, November 5, 2000-June 20, 2001][146], posted by KJF
  * [1/13 - Hijackers Receive Money from Abroad, June 2000-August 2001][147], posted by Paul
  * [ 1/13 - Evidence from Moussaoui Trial Published on Internet, March 23-April 20, 2006 and July 31, 2006][148], posted by KJF
  * [ 1/13 - Increased Airport Security May Have Thwarted 9/11 if Moussaoui Confessed, March 22, 2006][149], posted by KJF
  * [ 1/11 - Moussaoui Escapes Death Penalty by One Vote, May 3, 2006][150], posted by KJF
  * [ 1/11 - Former FBI Translator Sues Bureau for Documents Relating to Allegations against Co-Worker Accused of Breaching Security, August 2002][151], posted by Derek
  * [ 1/10 - White House Reverses Position and Backs 9/11 Commission Extension, February 5, 2004][152], posted by Paul
  * [ 1/10 - White House Makes Deal to Prevent Additional Public 9/11 Hearings for Bush Officials, March 30, 2004][153], posted by Paul
  * [ 1/10 - White House Opposes 9/11 Commission Extension, January 19, 2004][154], posted by Paul
  * [ 1/10 - Mueller's Management of FBI Is Criticized by Insiders, March 28, 2005][155], posted by Paul
  * [1/10 - CIA learns KSM Is in Qatar, But Does Not Act, 1995][156], posted by Paul

Showing 1-20 of 100 recently added events:    [next 20][141]

This timeline is meant to be a comprehensive resource for anyone attempting to understand 9/11 and the "war on terrorism" in general. Polls show that Americans are extremely uninformed about 9/11. A third of Americans can't even correctly guess the year 9/11 took place and about half of all Americans mistakenly believe Saddam Hussein had a role in the attacks.

But it is vital for everyone to understand 9/11, what led to it, and what the fallout from it has been. Terrorism directly and indirectly affects our lives in many ways and dominates the political discourse. Those of us working on the 9/11 timeline are striving to boil the news on terrorism down to a reasonable level so citizens can stay well informed.

We strive to be objective and keep any layers of interpretation as thin as possible. If you see specific examples of bias anywhere in the timeline, please point them out so we can make changes. But at the same time, we unabashedly focus on failures, problems, and controversies instead of success stories. That's because those are the things we need to learn from and fix and hold people responsible for when necessary.

9/11 and terrorism generally are flashpoints for what people call "conspiracy theory." This 9/11 investigative project contains no conspiracy theories. In fact, it does not offer any theories at all. Rather it simply lays out the facts so readers can come to their own conclusions. Biases may show at times because no human being is completely objective and judgments have to be constantly made; for instance, to include this particular fact or that one when editing decisions have to be made to keep the length down. We rely on each other and ask readers to point out when we are missing important facts or skewing the information.

But while we strive for objectivism, we dedicate many hours of our free time to this work because we are passionate about uncovering the truth and fighting the spin and lies on these highly politicized issues. No matter what you may believe about what happened on 9/11, even after five years it is obvious to anyone who looks at this timeline that there are still too many questions, contradictions in the official story, and efforts by the government to obfuscate the record. If politicians and mainstream journalists fail to follow through on pursuing every lead wherever it may go, then it's up to ordinary citizens to take on the so-called fourth estate's responsibility to provide oversight.

This timeline is extremely long. It's chock-full of information and may be difficult to get through. You may want to tackle a bit at a time (and if you're impatient, start from around July 2001 to get to the "good stuff"). But 9/11 was possibly one of the most pivotal events in world history, and its impact will be felt on everyone for years to come. You owe it to yourself to go beyond the sound bites and the simplified official story. This is an extremely complicated story with numerous players and motives. Not everything makes sense or fits neatly together. It's a story full of espionage, deceit, and brazen lies. We must not remain ignorant and passive when so much is currently at stake.


We believe that in hindsight sometimes the most important news is not necessarily what makes the front pages of the newspapers. There is much the mainstream media has reported but not highlighted. One of the strengths of this timeline is that it contains important nuggets of information that have been rescued from the obscurity of back page reporting and placed in their proper historical contexts.

I have personally read over 7,000 articles in making this timeline, and other volunteers have read still more articles. What we have discovered is that, to a surprising degree, the mainstream media does cover an incredible amount, it's just that many stories don't get wide coverage. For instance, there may be a very important story that only appears in the Seattle Times or Vanity Fair magazine.

As a result, we made a decision very early on to limit our sources to so-called "mainstream" news organizations. Although there is great reporting in the alternative media, we don't want people to reject the important information in this timeline because of controversies about sourcing. And the fact is that, for the most part, only mainstream media organizations have the resources necessary to do front line reporting. While things may be changing, bloggers and such are still mostly limited to commenting and analyzing mainstream reporting.

So what do we mean by "mainstream?" Mainly, we look at newspapers and magazines in the United States and Europe. We also consider information on television, cable, movies, books, government documents, and so forth. What we try to avoid are blatantly partisan publications where it is hard to tell where the hard reporting ends and the editorializing begins. However, if an important figure gave a pivotal interview to a blatantly partisan publication we could still use that unless there was some reason to believe the comments of that person had been doctored or misquoted.

Of course, no publication is free of bias, so we try to use common sense. For instance, a story in a Pakistani newspaper that reflects poorly on Pakistan would be more significant than the same story coming from an Indian newspaper (and vice versa).

Sourcing is a constant challenge since there is so much political divisiveness and spin in the mainstream media. Further, international terrorism is intimately tied with espionage, and both sub-state militant groups and the authorities trying to catch them rely on secrecy and subterfuge. So ultimately, we try our best to sort through the misinformation, inaccuracies, and outright lies, but we are aware it is impossible to achieve 100 percent accuracy. It is up to the reader to note the sourcing and judge the veracity of the information for themselves.

To that end, we strive to provide direct links to source articles so the reader can click on the link and judge the raw material if they desire to do so. When links to the original sources are not available, you can at least position your cursor over the link and get the author, title, and publication date so you can look up the article yourself.


I began working on this timeline in 2002 after coming across a 9/11 timeline at the From the Wilderness website. I was incredulous at some of the things I saw there because there were many stories there that I had never heard of despite being a close observer of the news. I went back to the original sources and was so intrigued by what I learned that I began my own timeline to help organize all the information I was learning.

Since that time, the timeline has continued to grow and grow. In 2004, Harper Collins published it as the book _The Terror Timeline_. However, while I am credited as the author of this timeline and that book, it has always been, and continues to be, a grassroots-level colloborative effort.

This timeline is a work in progress. We always welcome new volunteers. We need skilled researchers and writers to compile new entries (we're drowning in thousands of unprocessed articles), editors, and proofreaders; people willing to mirror the entire website; newshounds; and java programmers. And of course, we can't continue to exist without donations. If you've found the material on this website useful and wish for us to make it even better, please consider how you might be able to help.

Feel free to send constructive suggestions and comments using the [contact page][157].

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