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This website allows people to conduct grassroots-level research and investigations on any issue. You do the researching and writing. All data is published in the format of chronologies. You can view existing investigative projects on the [timelines][7] page. Please [register][11] if you would like to start editing and creating new timeline entries now. All entries are peer-reviewed by other users.

# Announcements

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## 11/1/2006: New Project: Iraq Under US Occupation

Contributor AJB is leading an effort to document the various US misdeeds committed during its [occupation of Iraq][14]. His project looks at strategic military blunders, coerced neoliberal reforms, human rights abuses, and corrupt contracting practices that plagued the US' nation-building efforts and eventually led to Iraq's current anarchic state of sectarian chaos.

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## 8/22/2006: New Film Based on Project Hosted by Cooperative Research


The new documentary, [9/11 Press for Truth][16], is based in part on [ one of the investigative projects][17] developed on the Cooperative Research website. The film chronicles the efforts of five 9/11 family members to lobby for the establishment of an independent commission. It also summarizes their case for why 9/11 still needs to be investigated.

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## 7/19/2006: Forthcoming timeline project on US health care system

[HealthCareScam.Org][18] will soon be publishing a comprehensive timeline on the US medical industrial complex. The timeline will provide a detailed account of how our health care system has become the most expensive and inefficient system in the industrialized world.

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## 7/23/2005: 9/11-related military exercises

Contributors Paul Thompson and Matt Everett have added a timeline on [ military exercises][19] to the 9/11 project.

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## 6/16/2005: Ten new entries added to Haiti timeline

Contributor Alex Goss has added [ a few new entries][20] to the timeline on the ousting of Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide.

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## 6/17/2005: Events related to the Downing Street Memo controversy

Several entries and categories have been [ added or updated][21] that relate to issues raised by Downing Street Memo controversy. Categories: "[Key events related to DSM][22]," "[Decision to invade Iraq][23]," "[Politicization of intelligence][24]," "[Diversion of Resources to Iraq][25]," "[Legal Justification][26]," "[Planning for Postwar Iraq][27]," and "[Public statements about the 'decision to invade.'][28]"

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## 7/22/2005: The 911 timeline has been 'entified'

Entity relationships have been added to the [911 timeline][29] (except for the "day of 9/11" timeline). Now, by clicking the name of an entity mentioned in a timeline entry, you can view a chronology of all events in which that entity was an active participant.

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## 7/26/2005: Iran Timeline Updated

Contributor Stefan Youngs has updated the [ Iran timeline][30]. Most of the new entries deal with the Iran-Pakistan-India pipeline deal and the reshaping of the geopolitical landscape in Central Asia, with special attention being paid to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

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## 7/25/2005: 2004 Elections Project

A small [timeline][31] has been compiled concerning problems with the 2004 presidential elections. It focuses on a few selected issues, such as the placement of polls in Ohio and the illegal canvassing tactics of a Republican-connected "consulting" firm.

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## 11/20/2005: Iraq Timeline Updated

[ Several entries have been added or edited][32]. The [ forged documents][33] timeline has again been updated; numerous entries relating to [ Ahmed Chalabi and the Iraqi National Congress][34] have been added; and the following new categories have been created to provide a new way of looking at the data in the Iraq project: "[poisons and gases allegation][35]", "[Aerial drones allegation][36]", and "[mobile biological weapons labs allegation][37]". Additionally, you will find that [Michael Ledeen][38]'s profile has a few new entries.

## Recent Announcements:

11/1/2006 New Project: Iraq Under US Occupation
8/22/2006 New Film Based on Project Hosted by Cooperative Research
7/19/2006 Forthcoming timeline project on US health care system
7/23/2005 9/11-related military exercises
6/16/2005 Ten new entries added to Haiti timeline
6/17/2005 Events related to the Downing Street Memo controversy
7/22/2005 The 911 timeline has been 'entified'
7/26/2005 Iran Timeline Updated
7/25/2005 2004 Elections Project
11/20/2005 Iraq Timeline Updated

#### Recently Added Events

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  * [ 1/17 - CIA Officials Tell Case Officers that Bush Administration is Set on War with Iraq; Proposes Propaganda Campaign for Europe, April 2002][40], posted by Derek
  * [ 1/17 - Largest Hospital Chain in US Pleads Guilty to Defrauding Government, December 14, 2000][41], posted by Derek
  * [ 1/17 - Minneapolis Chief Calls FBI Headquarters to Discuss Moussaoui, August 27, 2001][42], posted by KJF
  * [ 1/17 - Documents from Closed EPA Library Sent to Other Libraries or Tossed in Garbage Bins, October 20, 2006 and After][43], posted by Derek
  * [ 1/17 - Minneapolis Agent Warns Superiors of Moussaoui Seventy Times, Obstructed by Headquarters, August 15-September 10, 2001][44], posted by KJF
  * [ 1/17 - FDA Panel Recommends Approval for Ketek Despite Problems with Clinical Study, January 8, 2003][45], posted by Derek
  * [ 1/17 - Moussaoui and Hijackers Engage in Parallel Conduct, February 23-August 16, 2001][46], posted by KJF
  * [ 1/17 - Health Care Costs Increase 10.1 Percent, 2003][47], posted by Derek
  * [ 1/15 - FBI Headquarters Blocks Criminal Investigation into Moussaoui, August 21, 2001][48], posted by KJF
  * [ 1/15 - Iraqi Engineers Ready to Repair Country's Phone Network, but Can't without Permission from Coalition Provisional Authority, Mid-May 2003][49], posted by Derek

#### Most Viewed Projects

  * [Complete 911 Timeline][50]
  * [Hurricane Katrina][51]
  * [Decision to invade Iraq][52]
  * [Bush's environmental record][53]
  * [US confrontation with Iran][54]
  * [History of US Interventions][55]
  * [911 Environmental impact][56]
  * [Prisoner abuse in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere][57]
  * [2004 US Election][31]
  * [2004 Ousting of Aristide][58]

#### Most Viewed Entities

  * [94th Fighter Squadron][59]
  * [National Hurricane Center][60]
  * [World Trade Center][61]
  * [Osama bin Laden][62]
  * [George W. Bush][63]
  * [Federal Bureau of Investigation][64]

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