Saturday, May 22 2004  

Bush, Rice and the Genoa Warning  
Documenting a demonstrable falsehood

Headlines the news: "Bush Knew." The next day, Condoleeza Rice proclaims that "no one could have imagined" planes would be used as weapons. She says the warnings to Bush related only to "traditional hijackings," not kamikaze attacks.  
March and April, 2004:  
In testimony to the Kean Commission, both Donald Rumsfeld and Condoleeza Rice once again insist that no one could have imagined hijacked planes would be used as weapons against buildings. Meanwhile, the White House finally gives in and publishes 1 1/2 pages (out of 11 total) of the August 6, 2001 PDB. What does the rest say?  
April 13, 2004:  
At an evening press conference, Bush connects the "Genoa Warning" (kamikaze attacks) to the Presidential Daily Briefing of Aug. 6th, 2001 (domestic hijackings).  
"And I asked for the briefing [the PDB]," he says. "And the reason I did is because there had been a lot of threat intelligence from overseas. And so, I ? part of it had to do with the Genoa G-8 conference that I was going to attend. And I asked at that point in time, let's make sure we are paying attention here at home, as well. And that's what triggered the report."  
Could "no one have imagined"? Perhaps inadvertantly, Bush has exposed his own national security adviser and his Secretary of Defense as liars.^