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Safety & Security

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**Safer World**  
[ http://www.saferworld.org/site/c.luLVJaMQKpH/b.2015945/k.BE85/Home.htm][42]  
_Show your concern and learn about how to prevent nuclear terrorism._  
Act now for a safer world. NTI and Families of September 11 have joined forces to raise awareness about the threats from nuclear, biological and chemical weapons and materials so citizens can help reduce these threats. The 9/11 Commission recommended an all-out effort to secure weapons of mass destruction, but its final report card gave the U.S. government a "D" for its progress. We want to turn that a€oeDa€ to an a€oeA ". Click on the link below to learn how you can help.

**9/11 Public Discourse Project**  
_A public education campaign initiated by members of the 9/11 Commission._  
Members of the 9/11 Commission initiated a nationwide public education campaign, titled 9/11 Public Discourse Project, to press for enactment of the panel's recommendations. The organization aims to fulfill the 9/11 Commission's original mandate of guarding against future terrorist attacks, while adhering strictly to the same bipartisan and independent principles that have guided it over the last 20 months. To learn more, visit the website link above.

**The 9/11 Commission**  
The National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States (also known as the 9/11 Commission) was chartered to prepare a full and complete account of the circumstances surrounding the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, including preparedness for and the immediate response to the attacks. The Commission was also mandated to provide recommendations designed to guard against future attacks. It wrapped up its 20-month inquiry and officially closed on August 21, 2004. Its website was frozen on September 20, 2004, and is now a Federal record managed by the National Archives and Records Administration. Visit the site to find out more about Commission members, Commission guidelines, and to view archives of transcripts. A copy of the Commission's Final Report is also available on its website.

**Partnership for a Secure America**  
The Partnership for a Secure America (PSA) is dedicated to recreating the bipartisan center in American national security and foreign policy by bringing Americans of all stripes together to make our country, and our world, safer. Join this bi-partisan group of Democrat and Republican former Senators, Congressmen, Secretaries of State, National Security Advisors, Ambassadors, and other officials in saying that enough is enough. Click below to sign the pledge today.

**Family Steering Committee**  
Though formally disbanded after three years of work toward making America more secure, the FSC is transitioning in order to address issues such as the release of the still embargoed 9/11 CIA and FAA reports; terrorist financing; immigration reform; the remaining recommendations of the 9/11 Commission; and other issues that continue to emerge. Although the FSC as a group will no longer exist, many of its members will continue to work individually and through other 9/11 related groups for these causes. FOS11 is proud of its Board members, Carie Lemack and Robin Wiener, who worked tirelessly as members of the FSC. FOS11 will remain a presence in Washington, working for policies that will address the safety and security of our members as well as the broader public.



**How to Reach Your Elected Officials**  
_Contact members of Congress, state legislators, and the White House._  
One of the best ways to get your point of view across to elected officials is through a personal letter. Elected officials pay close attention to the mail they receive because every letter represents a certain portion of their constituency. Many elected officials now have email addresses, which oftentimes is the best way to reach them as regular mail can be delayed due to security. Click on the first link below for the protocol to follow when contacting your federal and state elected representatives, including how to address your correspondence.

**U.S. Senate**  
This website lists email addresses, mailing address, phone numbers, and home page links of U.S. Senators organized by state. An organizational chart also details the Senate structure, including the floor leaders, committees, and committee chairs. Recent floor activity and information on finding bills and votes is also available.

**U.S. House of Representatives**  
Visit the House website for a directory of phone and address information for Representatives. All House Committee and Representative websites are also listed. In addition, find information on votes, bills, or laws. A summary of debate on the House floor for the current legislative day is also available, as is the schedule the House intends to consider for the current legislative week.

**White House**  
The White House website includes mailing address, phone numbers, and email addresses for the President and Vice President.

**Government Agencies and State Officials**  
FirstGov.gov includes a comprehensive listings of government agencies and information on state governors and legislators.


REPORTS [Back to Top][47]

**9/11 Commissioners Release Third Report**  
November 14, 2005  
The 9/11 Public Discourse Project released a report on Monday, November 14, assessing implementation of the 9/11 Commission's recommendations on Policy, Public Diplomacy, and Nonproliferation. This is the third report by the 9/11 Public Discourse Project formally assessing the implementation of 9/11 Commission recommendations. The first report, on Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness and Response, and the second report, on Reforming the Institutions of Government, are available below or at www.9-11pdp.org.  
[9/11 Commissioners Report on Recommendations: Foreign Policy, Public Diplomacy, and Nonproliferation][53]

**9/11 Commissioners Release Second Report**  
October 20, 2005  
The 9/11 Public Discourse Project released a report assessing implementation of the 9/11 Commission's recommendations on reforming the institutions of government, in the executive branch, and the Congress. This is the second of several reports formally assessing the implementation of 9/11 Commission recommendations. The first report, on Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness and Response, is available below.  
[9/11 Commissioners Report on Recommendations: Reforming the Institutions of Government][54]  
[Remarks by Thomas H. Kean and Lee H. Hamilton][55]

**9/11 Commissioners Issue Report on Recommendations**  
September 14, 2005  
The 9/11 Public Discourse Project released a report on Wednesday, September 14, 2005, assessing implementation of the 9/11 Commission's recommendations on homeland security and emergency response. This is the first of several reports to be released by the former Commissioners in coming weeks, each of which will assess the implementation of a number of 9/11 Commission recommendations. The 9/11 Public Discourse Project will announce the date, time, location, and subject matter of each event when that information becomes available.  
[9/11 Commissioners Report on Recommendations: Homeland Security and Emergency Response][56]  
[FOS11 Statement Regarding Release of 9/11 Commissioners Report on Recommendations][57]

**Staff Monograph on the "Four Flights and Civil Aviation Security"**  
[ http://www.archives.gov/research/9-11-commission/staff-report-sept2005.pdf][58]  
September 12, 2005  
The September 12, 2005 version of the Staff Monograph on the "Four Flights and Civil Aviation Security" resulted from a second review of the report by the executive branch. This version was released by the U.S. Department of Justice and transferred into the custody of the National Archives on September 12, 2005. This newer version contains less redacted information than the first version released on January 28, 2005.  
[Kean-Hamilton Statement on 9/11 Commission Aviation Monograph][59]

**GAO Report on Aviation Security**  
May 2005  
In this report, the Government Accountability Office recommends that the Secretary of Homeland Security direct TSA to develop a plan for completing the deployment of highspeed connectivity at airport training facilities, and establish and communicate appropriate internal controls for monitoring the completion of training. Click below to read the report.  
[View the GAO Report on Aviation Security][60]

**Declassified 9/11 Commission Report on 52 Pre-9/11 Warnings to FAA**  
February 10, 2005  
The FAA received repeated warnings in the months prior to 9/11 about al-Qaida and its desire to attack airlines according to a previously undisclosed report by the 9/11 Commission. The report by the 9/11 Commission detailed 52 such warnings given to FAA leaders from April to Sept. 10, 2001, about the radical Islamic terrorist group and its leader, Osama bin Laden. The Commission report, written last August, said five security warnings mentioned al-Qaida's training for hijackings and two reports concerned suicide operations not connected to aviation. However, none of the warnings pinpointed what would happen on Sept. 11. Click below to download the report or to read a recent news article.  
[Download the 9/11 Commission's FAA Staff Monograph][62]

**The 9/11 Commission Report**  
July 22, 2004  
The Commission released its final report on July 22, 2004, available below in PDF format. The report is also available in bookstores nationwide and from the Government Printing Office.  
[View the 9/11 Commission Report][63]

**2004 Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Act**  
[ http://govt-aff.senate.gov/_files/IntelligenceReformconferencereportlegislativelanguage12704.pdf][64]  
Click below to read the full text of the bill.



**Kean, Hamilton Send Letter to Patriot Act Conferees on Risk-Based Funding**  
November 1, 2005  
Thomas H. Kean and Lee H. Hamilton sent a letter to Rep. Peter King, Chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security, and members of the conference committee on the USA PATRIOT and Terrorism Prevention Reauthorization Act, supporting the inclusion of bipartisan House-passed language on first-responder funding formulas in the final conference report. The letter notes that "[t]he 9/11 Commission recommended that homeland security assistance should be based strictly on an assessment of risks and vulnerabilities." The enactment into law of the House-passed language, the letter states, "would represent a significant step forward for national preparedness," in line with the Commission's recommendation.  
[Read the Kean, Hamilton Letter][65]

**Kean-Hamilton Statement on ABLE DANGER**  
August 12, 2005  
Thomas H. Kean and Lee H. Hamilton, former Chair and Vice Chair of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States (9/11 Commission), in response to media inquiries about the Commissiona€™s investigation of the ABLE DANGER program, released the following statement.  
[Read the Full Statement][66]

**FOS11 Statement Regarding White House Cooperation with the 9/11 Public Discourse Project**  
August 9, 2005  
Families of September 11 (FOS11) is disappointed to learn that the Bush administration has not provided critical information to the former 9/11 commissioners. We implore President Bush and his administration to embrace those working to make our country safer and aid them in their endeavor.  
[Read the Full Statement][68]

**FOS11 Statement Regarding Homeland Security Funding**  
July 26, 2005  
Last week, the Senate passed legislation that provides federal homeland security funding to states based on formulas, instead of basing allocations solely on an analysis of risk. Contrary to what experts and the 9/11 Commission recommend, the Senate has decided that formulas and pork barrel politics are more important than threat-based allocation of homeland security dollars.  
[Read the Full Statement][69]

**9/11 PDP Session 7: Foreign Policy**  
August 2, 2005  
Lee H. Hamilton, Vice Chair of the 9/11 Commission, and a former Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, moderated this panel to examine progress on foreign policy challenges identified in the 9/11 Commission Report as central to the struggle against Islamist terrorism. Among these are the Commission's recommendations on U.S. policy toward Afghanistan, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, and on terrorist sanctuaries and international cooperation with friends and allies.  
[Transcript of the August 2nd Panel on Foreign Policy][70]  
[Fact Sheet from the August 2nd Panel on Foreign Policy][71]

**9/11 PDP Session 6: Civil Liberties and Security**  
July 18, 2005  
Public Discourse Project Board Members and former 9/11 Commissioners Richard Ben-Veniste and Fred F. Fielding chaired a two-part panel to discuss the balance between liberty and security in the post-9/11 world.

**9/11 PDP Session 5: Congressional Reform**  
July 11, 2005  
Public Discourse Project Board Member and former 9/11 Commissioner Slade Gorton chaired a panel to review the progress made on meeting the 9/11 Commission's recommendations on reform of the legislative branch. Also participating were Rep. Tim Roemer, former 9/11 Commission member, the Hon. Pat Roberts, Chairman, Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, and the Hon. Thomas S. Foley, Former Speaker of the House of Representatives.  
[Transcript of the July 11th Panel on Congressional Reform][72]

**9/11 PDP Session 4: Securing the Homeland**  
June 28, 2005  
Public Discourse Project Board Member and former 9/11 Commissioner Bob Kerrey chaired a panel to review the progress made on meeting the 9/11 Commission's recommendations on national preparedness, border security, and transportation security. A Fact Sheet on Securing the Homeland is available below.  
[Fact Sheet from the June 28th Panel on Securing the Homeland][73]

**9/11 PDP Session 2: Challenges Facing the DNI**  
June 13, 2005  
Families of September 11 (FOS11) is encouraged to hear a discussion regarding the current challenges facing the Director of National Intelligence, held by the 9/11 Public Discourse Project. After the passage of the Intelligence Reform Act of 2004, which created the new position of the DNI, we waited to hear who President Bush would nominate to this very important new position. We have since been relying on Director Negroponte to take the reins of his new position to embrace the full authorities vested in him to re-organize the intelligence community to make it more effective.  
[Read the Full Statement][74]  
[Transcript of June 13th Panel on Challenges Facing the DNI][75]

**9/11 PDP Session 3: Terrorism and WMD**  
June 27, 2005  
Public Discourse Project Board Member and former 9/11 Commissioner Timothy J. Roemer chaired a two-part panel to address the greatest single danger facing our country: a weapon of mass destruction in the hands of al Qaeda or other terrorist groups. A transcript from this 9/11 Public Discourse Panel discussion is available below.  
[Transcript of the June 27th Panel on Terrorism and WMD][76]

**9/11 PDP Session 1: CIA and FBI Reform**  
June 7, 2005  
Families of September 11 (FOS11) applauds the 9/11 Public Discourse Project for their dedication to protecting the safety of Americans by discussing the unfinished agenda of the 9/11 Commission. Monday's panel on CIA and FBI reform was enlightening. It demonstrated that more than three and one half years after the attacks, some remain resistant to changes that will make our nation safer.  
[Transcript of June 6th Panel Assessing Progress Of CIA And FBI Reform][77]  
[Read the Full Statement][78]

**FOS11 Statement Regarding Nomination of Negroponte**  
February 17, 2005  
President Bush has nominated Ambassador Negroponte, a man with considerable diplomatic experience, as the new Director of National Intelligence. We are pleased to see a nomination, and see it as a positive step toward fulfilling the mandate of the Intelligence Reform Act of 2004 signed into law two months ago today. Read the full statement below.  
[Read the Full Statement][79]

**FOS11 Statement Regarding House Homeland Security Committee**  
January 5, 2005  
Families of September 11 is pleased that the House of Representatives has created a permanent Homeland Security Committee. This is a critical step in recognizing and preventing terrorist attacks that continue to threaten our nation. Read the full statement below.  
[Read the Full Statement][80]

**FOS11 Board Chairman Don Goodrich's Testimony from the Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing**  
August 19, 2004  
At the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing titled "The 9/11 Commission and Recommendations for the Future of Federal Law Enforcement and Border Security," testimony by Families of September 11 Board Chairman Don Goodrich was put into the record by Senator Patrick Leahy.  
[Read the Testimony][81]

**FOS11 Board Member Stephen Push's Testimony Before the U.S. Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs**  
August 17, 2004  
Titled "Voicing a Need for Reform: The Families of 9/11," this Senate hearing also included testimony by Mary Fetchet and Kristen Breitweiser.  
[Read the Testimony][82]

**FOS11 Statement Concerning the President's Commission-Related Proposals**  
August 4, 2004  
Families of September 11 reiterates its call for the urgent, efficient and effective implementation of all of the 9/11 Commissiona€™s recommendations listed in its final report, released in July 2004. While we are encouraged that President Bush has decided to create the post of a National Intelligence Director (NID) and a National Counter-Terrorism Center, we are concerned that this action does not fully support the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission. Read the full statement by clicking on the link below.  
[Read the Full Statement][83]

**FOS11 Statement Regarding the 9/11 Commission Report**  
July 28, 2004  
Families of September 11 offers its deep gratitude to the 9/11 Commission for its outstanding work on its final report. The Commission gained unprecedented access to classified documents and interviewed officials throughout the government, including President Bush and former President Clinton. It conducted its work in a transparent manner by holding public hearings and issuing interim staff reports. It produced a thorough, thoughtful, unanimous report with comprehensive recommendations for improving America's security. Read the full statement by clicking on the link below.  
[Read the Full Statement][84]

**FOS11 Statement Regarding the 9/11 Commission Report**  
July 21, 2004  
Families of September 11 believes that there are a number of agencies, organizations and people whose actions point to a history of passivity and negligence. To that end, while we appreciate that the Commission report will a€oeshine a spotlight on these problemsa€ and offer specific recommendations, we must urge the media and the American public not to reduce this discussion to whether 9/11 should have been prevented. Read the full statement by clicking on the link below.  
[Read the Full Statement][85]

**FOS11 Statement Regarding the 9/11 Commission Report**  
July 19, 2004  
When Families of September 11 members pressed for the creation of the Commission, along with other 9/11 family members, we emphasized our desire that an independent, bipartisan Commission be formed to investigate any weaknesses that may have permitted the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, and to make recommendations for improvements in this nationa€™s security, so that other families might not have to suffer as ours have. We trust that this has been accomplished. Read the full statement by clicking on the link below.  
[Read the Full Statement][86]


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