A video supplement to the book 

**Painful Questions**   

**An analysis of the September 11th Attack**

This video shows that the conspiracy is much larger than US Government believes.  

### Flight 77

  * The aircraft that hit the Pentagon appears to be a remoted controlled drone.


### The World Trade Center

  * Explosives appear to have placed in both towers before the attack to cause the towers to disintegrate into dust.


### Building 7

  * It was a 47 story, steel-framed building that disintegrated at 5:30 PM, also from explosives.

  * The 23rd floor was the Mayor's "Emergency Command Center," which had its own air supply. This appears to be the command center for the attack on the towers.


Plus, an explanation of turbofans, explosives, the Oklahoma City bombing, the media that Americans mistakenly refer to as our **"Free Press,"** and why **deception** is the main weapon in this war to control us.
Painful Deceptions   
2 hours, NTSC format, created by Eric Hufschmid

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